Chinese retailers more keen for wine origin than original bottleshape

Thursday June 27 2013 by Vitisphere

The last study carried out by Ubifrance and the OI group (Owens-Illinois, the world's leading manufacturers of wine bottle) bent over the purchase criteria for a bottle of wine on the Chinese market. According to consumers and retailers, the most important criteria is the origin (and thus the fame), which is in particular favorable to Bordeaux wines. Indeed, they represent 75 % of the French exports of still wines in China, worth 538 million euro in 2012 (+0,86 % compared to 2011).
Then comes price, for 84 % of importers. However, a high sale price is not considered by all as a deterrent in the purchase. But the emergence of a more regular consumption also brings lower price research. Taste (73 %) and designation (68 %) also have an effect on choice, as bottle shape and label. Bordeaux’s bottles shape are the most acclaimed. Retailers also look for wines with traditional labels. To finish, comes brand (for 31 % of the professionals). Indeed according to this survey, the color of the wine, matters less than the rest of the others criteria, in spite of preference for Chinese consumers for the red wine.
[ Sources : Ubifrance et le groupe OI; Photo Crédit :]


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