French wine consumption: 82% of purchases made in supermarkets

Tuesday June 25 2013 by Vitisphere

Last year, 23 million of French households purchased still wine for home consumption. According to intel gathered by Kantar panel and presented by FranceAgrimer, these consumers represent 86.5% of French households, "a penetration rate down to 1.9% compared to the average from 2008 to 20011." The first wine distribution channel in France is undoubtedly supermarkets and hypermarkets, which concentrate 63% of market share in volume. Hard discount stores account for 19% of sales.

According to FranceAgrimer, the average selling price of wine was 3.29 €/liter in 2012 (+5.8% compared to the 2008-2011). In terms of colors, reds dominate the French off-trade (56%), followed by rosés (26%) and whites (18%). AOC wines account for more than half of the wine consumed at home (51%), the IGP varietals representing less than a third (15% with mention of grapes, 13% without) and Vins de France just over a tenth (11%).


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