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Germany: organically-grown vineyard expands on

Par Vitisphere Le 31 mai 2013
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Germany: organically-grown vineyard expands on

n Germany, 7% of the vineyards are grown organically, which adds up to 3.4% of the global organic vineyard. This is far from the Spanish record (which represents 30% of the global organic vineyard with 79,000 hectares), but shows a significant development of this viticulture method. According to data from the French institute of research on organic agriculture (FiBL), the global surfaces of vineyards grown organically amount to 256,000 hectares (including vieyards in conversion). In seven years, these areas have almost tripled (+197%).

In Germany, the organic vineyard grew of 6900 hectares (+ 176%). Director General of the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI), Monika Reule relies on a further development of the organic sector in Germany.

[Illustration: DWI]

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