Wine tours in Languedoc: a specific offer for Chinese tourists and wine lovers

Wednesday May 29 2013 by Vitisphere

Within the Languedoc region, the Hérault is the fourth department of France in terms of tourist affluence. The area aims at using the appeal of wine to design a specific touristic offer for Chinese wine lovers : a wine route to discover the Languedoc vineyards which will be offered exclusively to Chinese tourists. Chinese tour operator Caissa insists on the importance of the involvement of the public structure of the department, in order to promote itself and attract Asian tourists. <span title="En effet selon Jiangang Renn, un importateur chinois : " pour="" mes="" compatriotes,="" le="" vin,="" c'est="" la="" france="" et="" france,="" vin"."="">Indeed, according to Renn Jiangang, a Chinese wine importer also involved in the project, "for my compatriots, wine is France and France is wine".

The project translates a whole marketing strategy designed by the different actors (Tourism Development Agency of Herault, tour operator Caissa, wine agent Wineo and importer French Wine Paradox). In China, a specific promotion of the touristic offer is now associated with Languedoc wines through the "Bracelet of Luck of Languedoc" which is tied to every wine bottle on the shelf in China, praising the region and inviting consumers to visit a website that promotes the wines of the Herault department.

In addition, Jean François Pouget confided to to be working on a partnership with a Chinese website pure player (, whose sales of Languedoc wines amount to 70 % of its turnover.

Thus, as of the end of June, a first group of Chinese tourists will visit Montpellier according to the new offer, and others will follow later. These tourists will discover the Herault region through four-themed tours: wine and castles, wine and culture, wine and health or wine and gastronomy. Hopes are high that the development of wine tourism in Hérault will fuel a significant dévelopment of sales of Languedoc on the Chinese market.

Recall that China allowed its citizens to travel abroad in 2004. Since tourism continues to grow, especially as the purchasing power of Chinese household increases. Indeed in 2011, 1.1 million Chinese visitors visiting the Hexagon (24.8% and 15% expected in 2012).

[Source: midilibre; Photo: Bracelet of Luck Languedoc]

[Source : MidiLibre ; Photo : Le Bracelet de la Chance du Languedoc]


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