Wine distributors increasingly optimistic worldwide according to Sopexa Barometer

Wednesday May 29 2013 by Vitisphere

58% of 1426 importers, wholesalers, agents and retailers interviewed online by the Sopexa group* rely on an increase in sales of still wines in 2013. This proportion remained stable compared to last year (57%). Among the largest operators (more than one million bottles per year, 17% of respondents), two-thirds are optimistic about future sales.

This fifth international barometer of still wines points out the stability of the state of mind of the European operators, who tend to be "more reserved about the progress of their sales operators." Only Denmark is an exception, as the government just announced the abolition of one of its most hated taxes: a tariff on saturated fats. More than half of Danish operators (54%) foresee an increase in sales, while they were less than a third lat year (31%). Optimism of operators in Russia (89%), Canada (85%), U.S. (75%), Japan (68%) and China (58%) confirm these markets in their status of new growth drivers within the global wine market.

A more modest optimism in China may come from the fact that the growth of the demand is reaching an expected plateau, however, close to 90% of distributors were optimistic in 2010 and 2011. The group Sopexa believes that this slowdown is due to the fact that more and more import network are blooming in the thriving Chinese market, which is slowly adjusting to its own development.

*: Survey conducted in March / April 2013 in twelve strategic countries (Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia and Switzerland.


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