Georges Haushalter (CIVBordeaux) : "International Bordeaux wine events are a promotional investment"

Monday April 22 2013 by Vitisphere

As President of the Bordeaux Wine Board (Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux - CIVB) Georges Haushalter launched a massive plan designed to reconcile Bordeaux wine marketers with their distributors in France. The President of the CIVB announced that he has "decided to establish a closer and personalized dialogue with French distribution keyplayers. We believe that amidst a stable, even declining market, a more aggressive collective strategy will enable us to gain back market shares. We will visit each key retailer, working segment by segment. Going this way, we will try to mitigate the crisis effects, especially in French retailers."

France remains the largest market for Bordeaux wines, but the French decline of wine consumption makes Bordeaux wines eager to rely on the dynamics of export markets. "Wine festivals in Bordeaux, Hong Kong and Canada are part of this perspective. There we associate wine with festive events without neglecting business. Public sentiment leads us to permanently make these events a promotional investment on its own. And I won't forget to mention the 100% Bordeaux wine bars we are settling abroad (Shanghai, New York)."


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