Communication : French wine appellations in search of new looks

Monday April 22 2013 by Vitisphere

Marketing and communication services are hard at work in French wine appellations boards. As summer is approaching, radio spots are being recorded (InterLoire will highlight food and rosé wines matching), while poster campaigns are being launched, celebrating renewed identities for French PDOs (Protected Denomination of Origin).

The most southern of Rhône appellations, the Costiéres de Nîmes, will use the emblem of the City of Nîmes, a crocodile, swimming in a... glass of red wine. "You'll be surprised," says the poster. 


A bigger break is made in Bordeaux, by the Union of Côtes de Bourg, which gives up on its former canine mascot (the beagle Bob de Bourg) and picks up a cartoon atmosphere. The catchline is "Côtes de Bourg: the spicy side of Bordeaux." A signature which endorses Côtes de Bourg roots in the Bordeaux vineyards, and highlights the original use of malbec in its blend.


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