Areas under vines still shrinking worldwide

Friday April 19 2013 by Vitisphere

Vineyards are shrinking throughout the globe, says the International Organisation of Vine and Wine as they cover 7.57 million hectares in 2012 (-0.3% compared to 2011). Decrease is driven by European vineyards, with vineyards within the EU being down 0.8% last year, down to 3.49 million ha. The largest decline occured in Spain (-1.4%), followed by Italy (-1%) and France (-0.8%). From 2008 to 2011, the European campaign of vine pulling led to a sharp decline of the European vineyards (-269,000 hectares), which seems to continue, although at a more moderate pace.

Outside the European Union, the world's vineyards grew by 0.4%, with China showing a particularly dynamic growth and Chile still growing while, in most of the other wine-producing countries, areas planted in vines are stable at best, if not shrinking.

























[Source: Estimations from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine]


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