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Blind tests

Par Vitisphere Le 10 avril 2013
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Blind tests

he last world's best sommelier competition crowned in Tokyo Paolo Basso. This prestigious prize awards prescribers who are not less prestigious. This designation recognizes a career of knowledge and experience, from food and wine pairings to an amazing talent: expert wine blind tasting. Observing the competition, the French journalist Antoine Gerbelle (Revue des Vins de France) went behind the scenes and shows the reality beyond myth.

The gifts of perfect blind tasting seem to be reserved for fiction: a Napa Valley red wine has been confused by competitors with Ribiera del Duero or Gigondas wines. These errors show the complexity of this art... All we can say is that the only thing a sommelier (and any professional) can be sure of, without fearing of being wrong, is trust in WineAlley winemakers. They will always deliver honest and terroir wines!

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