Angela Zeng: "China will soon be a major producer and consumer of wine"

Monday April 08 2013 by Vitisphere

Account Manager at BNP Paribas (Hong Kong), Angela Zeng looks after Chinese wine consumption and investissements, especially in the region Bordeaux. She recalls that "contrary to what one might think, China has anancient winemaking tradition. In the last 10 years, consumption of wine rose sharply, thanks to the increase of the purchasing power. China should become a leading producer and consumer of wine. French wines still symbolize the world of luxury, more sophisticated (and often more expensive) than other wines. Bordeaux is stil on the top of it."

"In my portfolio, the number of customers who really wanting to invest in the French vineyard is quite small in the end. In my opinion, the only true wine lovers consider investing. They also plan to market as fine wines in their own networks in China."



[Source: Conjoncture Agrifrance, BNP Paribas]


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