Wood-ageing: wine barriques go cubic

Wednesday March 13 2013 by Vitisphere

Spanish company Roc Cuve describes its patented innovation as « a revolutionary concept for storage and ageing in wood », introducing the  cubic barrel (or "barrica cuadrada"). Roc Cuve introduced its barrel in a presentation to the Regulatory Council of the Rioja, deeming the idea "simple", maximizing the use of space (in the cellar and for transportation) while easing maintenance (the cubic barrel can even be folded after use).

The impact on taste is minimal, though the cubic barrel increases the area of liquid in contact with the wood by about 20%. The International University of Eaux-de-Vies (Segonzac) conducted in 2010 a row of comparative tastings of traditional cognacs aged in barrels and aged in Roc Cuve cubic barrels. This preliminary study validated the relevance of the Roc Cuve system.

The Roc Cuve range is available in French and American oak, several heating levels and various volumes (from 225 to 980 liters). These products are marketed in Europe (Spain, France, Italy ...) and in the New World (South Africa, Chile, Mexico ...).


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