Wine in bulk accounts for 19.85 % of exported French wine

Monday March 11 2013 by Vitisphere

In 2012, France exported 2.97 million hectoliters (Mhl) of wine in bulk for 293.6 million euros (M€). According to data collected by UbiFrance, the average price of wine exported in bulk was 99 € / hl whereas bottled French wine was sold for an average € 6.28 per liter. Wine in bulk  represents 19.85% of the total volume exported by France in 2012, but it only accounted for 3.75% of the value generated by export sales of French wine. Some Asian markets, however, bought French wine in bulk for a much higher price (but they bought very small volumes) : Singapore (290 € / hl), India (180 € / hl) and Hong Kong (160 € / hl).

Germany remains the largest market for French wine in bulk,accounting for 39% of French volumes exported in bulk and 30% of sales of wine in bulk. In 2012, the German market imported 2.6 Mhl French wine (in bulk and bottles) for 711.2 M€. The bulk accounted for 45% of these volumes, but only 12.5% of the value. In Germany, the average price of wine in bulk is indeed very low: 76 € / hl. But Russia, Italy and Spain buy French wine in bulk for an ever lower average price (respectively 61, 64 and 73 € / hl).

Belgium is the second market in volume, 26% of French wines imported in Belgium are imported in bulk, at an average price of 119 € / hl. Switzerland buys for a slightly higher average price (126 € / hl) and ranks third in volumes of imported French wine in bulk, those representing 46% of the total volume of imported French wine. In Italy, 82% of imported French wine comes in bulk, yet wine in bulk accounts for only 8% of French wine sales, at an average price of 64 € / hl. Then come the Netherlands, Canada, China, Sweden, Denmark ...

*: According to the customs framework in place, the terminology "bulk wine" includes without distinction flexitanks and bag in box.


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