Ghislain de Montgolfier "Champagne brands are not an annuity"

Tuesday March 05 2013 by Vitisphere

In early February, the Union of Champagne Houses (UMC) celebrated its 130 years of existence in Reims. These celebrations were an opportunity for the 80 members of the UMC to sum up the 2012 export results. The UMC accounts for 67% of the value created by the whole Champagne appellation. UMC represents 60% of volume sales. During the inauguration speech, Ghislain de Montgolfier (president of the UMC) recalled that "in 1882, thirty-five champagne houses decided to build a professional syndicate, in order to defend the word" champagne ". Without these collective actions, "champagne" would now be a generic product name. The second purpose for the UMC was to organize the fight against phylloxera, which appeared in Champagne then. These are the first formal contacts between winegrowers and Champagne Houses, culminating decades later with the creation of the Interprofessionnal Board (CIVC).

"The asset of Champagne brands is not a natural annuity. We still have to invest in the reputation of our wines, like our predecessors did", Ghislain de Montgolfier insisted.



[Excerpts from Ghislain de Montgolfier speech, UMC]


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