Imported wine sales in China grew by 7 % in 2012

Monday February 11 2013 by Vitisphere

According to the statistics of the Chinese Customs, in 2012, China imported 388 million liters of foreign wines (sparkling wines not included), up 7.3% compared to 2011. France, Spain, Australia, Chile and Italy are the five countries whose wines are the most imported into China.

Among them, the import of wines from Chile increased by nearly 40% compared to the previous year, while import sales of French wines grew by 9%, up to 130 million liters. In contrast, increases in other countries are more modest: Italy rose by 2.2% compared to 2011 with 30 million liters. Some even declined, such as Spain, with a drop in sales of 3.7% (71 million liters) and Australia -5% with 42 million liters,

[; Metro, Yangcheng, Canton]


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