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France: trends for sparkling wines in supermarkets

Par Vitisphere Le 05 octobre 2012
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France: trends for sparkling wines in supermarkets

uring the 2011-2012 campaign, 172.2 million bottles of sparkling wine worth €1.35 billion were sold in French supermarkets. According to FranceAgriMer and IRI panels, the slight increase in value was accompanied by an overall stagnation in volumes. The average price of a sparkling wine for the period was €7.58 /bottle (+12% compared to the 2008-2011 period). Overall, champagnes faced a drop in sales, with 48 million bottles sold (-8%) for €903 million (stable). The average price of champagne reached €19 /bottle (+3%).

For other PDO sparkling wines, there was a slight increase in volume (42 million bottles) and in value (€ 228 million). This market is dominated by Crémant d'Alsace (30% of market share) and Loire sparkling wines (Saumur: 12.5%, Vouvray: 11.5%, Crémant de Loire: 5%). Crémant de Bourgogne accounted for 15% of this market as did the Clairette de Die. With 4% of the market share, the Blanquette de Limoux experienced a sharp decline in its sales (-14%).

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