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Languedoc : Co-op wine leader Val d'Orbieu invests in a new management team

Par Vitisphere Le 15 février 2011
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Languedoc : Co-op wine leader Val d'Orbieu invests in a new management team

he appointment of Bertrand Girard as the new CEO of the Val d'Orbieu Group in July 2010 has triggered a change-process in the management of the first wine cooperative enterprise in France. After taking the time to meet all the key-players (the 55 wineries members, the leaders of the 11 cooperatives and all the employees), the new CEO has initiated and facilitated a broad reflection on the group's main concerns: organizational, financial, commercial, Innovation and R & D, marketing, ICT...
The managing board, chaired by Jean DEVIC, has validated the organizational choices including the establishment of a steering committee, composed of 8 executives (former, maintained or promoted in new functions), and also new hires over the last 6 months.

The new leadership of Val d'Orbieu Group consists of:
- Bertrand Girard combining multiple function: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the cooperative (VAL D'Orbieu), CEO of the holding company (THE LANGUEDOC), CEO of VIM, administrator and TRILLES MESTREZAT CORDIER,
- Claude Marsolat, keeping the General Management of Trillat and overseeing the financial management of the group, supported by Pascale Abtan, from AT Consulting, a former consultant from Mazars.
- Hervé Gimeno, confirmed in his role of Deputy COO in charge of commercial activities including whole-group
- Mary Angela N'Deby, a trained engineer has been appointed Director of Sustainable Development and Societal Group, including quality control policy, certification and research and développement and relationships with upstream / production.
- Jacky Maria from Malesan, enjoying a long industrial experience in Bordeaux but also in the Rhone Valley (Chapoutier), a trained engineer, was recruited to drive the industrial part of the Group and its sites Vignerons de la Méditerranée, Trilles, etc. ...
- Agnes Jaubert was appointed General Secretary, she is a Doctor in Law and will oversee the HR, legal, general services and external relations.
In the coming weeks, Pascal Loridon (still in charge of Marketing at the CIVB and former Baron Philippe de Rothschild Marketing Director) will join the group and the Steering Committee to oversee the Marketing and Strategy.

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