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Expert Opinion : "the Saint-Emilion brand appeals to the standards of a luxury product"

Par Vitisphere Le 17 janvier 2011
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Expert Opinion :

he Wine Council of Saint-Emilion (CVSE) appealed to Parisian society Intuition for an assessment on the Saint-Emilion brand. Intuition already worked alongside the CIVB Bordeaux on the Bordeaux demain strategic plan. The diagnosis was presented to the producers on December 8th. In newspaper Sud Ouest, Jean-François Quenin, president of CVSE comments :
"Firstly, the initial conclusion is positive : Saint-Emilion represents the vineyard envied by everyone. That said, the appellation suffers from a lack of recognition where the emerging markets are concerned. There are several reasons behind this. The episode of the classification cancellation did a lot of damage by heightening the confusion, giving rise to mistrust. In addition, the price range of wines in the appellation is too wide which is also prejudicial. The buyers have trouble finding their way around.

The study underlines in passing the excessive « parkerization » of Saint-Emilion wines and recommends a return to what makes up their traditional character.

Parker put the Bordeaux market back on the map in the 90s. The flipside of the coin is that some producers have been more concerned with Parker points than with their brand. Is that reason enough to ‘kill the father’? The Parker taste is liked by some and Intuition is not here to tell us what wine to make. Anyway, the days of uniformity of taste are over!

If Saint-Emilion plays its cards right, it should simplify its offer and become a luxury product.

70% of the wines produced are grand crus. This increase in number is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Moreover, this is what the CIVB has observed during its own monitoring process. After all, our brand is Saint-Emilion and we must maintain the high standards expected of a luxury product: by restoring the name’s meaning and noble reputation. This is the only way we can compete with competition from foreign wines whose production costs are significantly inferior to ours. Our added value is in the quality of our wines.

Meet the Saint Emilion producers and the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru producers in the WineAlley Plaza.

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