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Expert Opinion : Michel Chapoutier "Decrease in wine supply does not, necessarily mean an increase in wine demand"

Par Vitisphere Le 21 décembre 2010
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Expert Opinion : Michel Chapoutier

he President of the United Wine Growers of Cotes du Rhone, Philippe Pellaton, notes "a significant rise in line with our demands since the beginning of this campaign." The average amount of transactions are as follows:
- 100 € / hl for wine futures (against 90 € / hl in 2009),
- 140 € / l for the Côtes du Rhône white (against 130 € / hl in 2009
- 114 € / hl for the Côtes du Rhône Rosé (against 105 € / hl in 2009)
- Between 95 and 105 € / hl for the Côtes du Rhone red 2009 (when he was still at 80 € / hl for the last harvest).

"These results give us confidence. This proves that the scheme that we implement can be carried out calmly, serenely, "said Philippe Pellaton. And for 2010, "We are confident because the price of vintage 2010 will not be lower than the 2009 vintage. The target is an average of 110 € / hl, no product is to be sold below 95 € / hl."

Prices are seen to be rising, now is it the result of a tense negotiation since mid-October between the trade and production, as Philippe Pellaton suggests, or the mere consequence of the balance of supply and demand? For Michel Chapoutier, President of the Union of traders in the Rhone Valley: "There is no need to take a stand. Each house manages its business as it sees fit. Each transaction must be done by agreement between sellers and buyers " The simple economic logic might therefore explain the rising prices of the early campaign: small stocks and small crop, yes, but " the decrease in supply does not necessarily an increase in demand. We can not be crowing. No, everybody does not want the side-du-Rhone. (...) We are experiencing increased demand but we had fallen so low that most would recover our previous levels. The Côtes du Rhône, with its grenache variety, has potential long-term future. Grenache is the grape of the future.", said Michel Chapoutier.

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