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72 % of wine operators forsee a rise in sales for 2011

Par Vitisphere Le 22 juin 2010
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72 % of wine operators forsee a rise in sales for 2011

he second edition of the Sopexa Wine Trade Monitor is out. It has compiled the answers to questions related to the wine market from 1500 food and wine professionals from 14 countries representing over 85% of 2009 exports by volume of French still wines (France’s 11 largest export partners as well as 3 other countries in Asia).
First observation: optimism is back:
- After the lowest point of the crisis in 2009, almost 58% of local wine operators envisage an increase in sales in 2010, which rises to 72% for 2011.- In a sign of the end of the crisis, demand for the cheapest wines is falling while demand for premium wines is increasing.
- The coexistence of the two main models variety/geographical origin persists. - Country of origin remains the first criterion for segmentation on the international wine market.
- The impact of the new European regulations on AOP/Protected geographical indication is not yet being felt on the market. The regulations are not well known by operators who feel that they are not sufficiently well informed.

What are the lessons for French wine?
- France will have to work hard on promotion to take full advantage of this resurgence of vitality, especially on mature markets.
- For more than 95% of operators, French wine is one of the mainstays of their portfolio.
- France benefits from the best global image with operators; however there are notable differences between mature and emerging countries.
- As in 2009, France’s winning points are the suitability of its wines for special occasions and the breadth of choice. Its presence in the organic sector is also recognised.

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