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Trends : Houses of Champagne reorganize

Par Vitisphere Le 16 mars 2010
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Trends : Houses of Champagne reorganize

iper & Charles Heidsieck announced their intention to let go 45 of the 160 employees in Reims (six of them already left the company in December). The French authorities for Labour have asked for more information on the state of economic distress of the champagne estate, which was answered by "a long letter setting out point by point all requests and questions desired by the administration. We expect the administration to approve our plan soon", has indicated the direction of Piper & Charles Heidsieck.

According to labour unions, Remy-Cointreau is using the context of crisis to reduce the payroll of its subsidiaries, including P & C Heidsieck. The CEO of Remy Cointreau, Jean-Marie Laborde, however declared : "Our sales have accounted for 8 million bottles in 2009, against 10 million in 2007, they helped us safeguarding jobs in the past. But that was three years ago and times have changed since the economic crisis affects champagne. " Remy Cointreau reported sales of champagne down by one third on the last nine months of 2009.

Other groups are currently reorganizing their operations in Champagne, and in particular, the first of them, LVMH, which opened last spring Moët Hennessy Champagne Services (MHCS), a subsidiary that assembles administrative functions, sales and marketing workforces, together with the crucial department of grape supply for all houses owned by LVMH : Moet, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Mercier and Ruinart. Rumors circulate about the dismissal of 25 employees at Ruinart, Rue de Crayeres in Reims, strongly denied by the CEO of Ruinart Jean-Marc Gallot, appointed at the end of 2009, which requalified them as temporary displacement of nine employees from the production site in Reims to the site of Epernay.

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