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Trends: the 2009-2010 campaign is off to a promising start

Par Vitisphere Le 01 janvier 2010
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Trends: the 2009-2010 campaign is off to a promising start

rance Agri Mer confirmed in early December the good start of the campaign regarding wines without GIs red and rosé, respectively 8 and 19%, while prices increased by 7% for wines without GI and are stable for wines with PGI. For the former, one can not yet see there the influence of the new category of wines without GIs with mention of the variety, since the contracts on these wines are still very few. It is rather a phase of catching up to the beginning of a campaign 2008-2009, which was very slow.
As for wines with PGI, the campaign seems off to a good start, especially for wines for the Vins de Pays d'Oc, but also for the rosés, that are experiencing sales increases from 100 to 200%. Regarding white wines, the situation is different as whites without GI ars decreasing for several years (-28% this year), while PGI whites are stable. As for PDO wines, sales in late October did not regard the new vintage as the wines are not ready, it is therefore difficult to give a general trend, but according to professionals, business was still slow. However, there are high prices in the Cotes du Rhone Organic (130 € / hl) and a 40% increase in volume of red Bordeaux, however, accompanied by a decline in prices because of cash needs of the vineyard.

As for French stocks, they are currently 33.4 million hectoliters, declining for the fourth year in a row (39.8 million hl in late 2005-2006). The availability are at 79.8 million hectoliters, one of the three lowest levels in 10 years.

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