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Coups de Coeur : women journalists have their crush on Languedoc-Roussillon wines

Par Vitisphere Le 03 juin 2009
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Coups de Coeur : women journalists have their crush on Languedoc-Roussillon wines

he ‘Coup de Cœur’ (which means "crush") is an award created by the association of cooperative cellars in Hérault (called the Fédération des Caves Coopératives) in 1996. The "Coup de Coeur" tops the general competition of cooperative wines, with a jury of women journalists tasting the gold-medals-awarded wines and awarding one "coup de coeur" in each colour. The ladies have had their crush since 2006 for wines issued from cooperatives of all Languedoc-Roussillon, thanks to the Fédération Régionale de la Coopération Vinicole du Languedoc-Roussillon, who runs the competition.
Their meeting took place on the 28th of May, in the cellars of Chartreux à Pujaut (30), where the gold medal wines for the regional competition were tasted by a jury of female journalists who awarded their ‘coup de cœur’ to a white, rosé, red and sweet wine.

Talented cooperatives are well represented on WineAlley, to connect click here.

The 4 wines from the South of France will be represented by the Languedoc-Roussillon wine group for the whole year.


What they liked:

Its clear, deep colour, with a sheen or pale gold.
Its floral scent with a good intensity and perfumes of Citronnella et Bergamot.
In the mouth, the intensity, concentration and balance.
This wine is fresh and pleasant with a good length.

Vignerons de Sérignan - VDP Oc Muscat sec - Cuvée Vermeil du Crès 2008


What they liked:
The pretty colour; a wine with elegant perfumes, balance and character, in other words a truly feminine rosé!

 Cave du Val des Pins, Montaud – VDP Oc - Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


What they liked:
This is a complex wine with pronounced aromas of caramel and vanilla. A woody attack which evolves with notes of red fruit, long in the mouth and well balanced.

La Fontesole in Fontès - AOC Coteaux du Languedoc Pézenas- Cuvée Latude 2006


What they liked:
This vintage gives off explosions of aromas in the nose and mouth.
A magnificent caramel colour, this sweet wine is very fine with a great sweetness. A true moment of pleasure !

Les Templiers in Banyuls sur Mer - AOC Banyuls Grand Cru - VDN rouge -
Cuvée du président Henry Vidal 1998.

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