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Champagne ! ... for less than €10 in French supermarkets

Par Vitisphere Le 03 juin 2009
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Champagne ! ... for less than €10 in French supermarkets

general decline in the consumption of wine and the economic crisis, which has negatively affected the wine industry, today risks forcing wholesalers and winegrowers, who still have 2008 stock, to put it on offer. In California, Fred Fanzia has already caused controversy by selling Australian Chardonnay at a very low price, of less that $3. So, will champagne at less than €10 soon be on the supermarket shelves? Though some may still hesitate, discount stores have already begun. In the south of France promotions have started with champagnes on offer at €9.95. However, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the recent proposal to consider the enlargement of the appellation of Champagne may lower the price for the consumer. So then, with champagne at less than €10, perhaps the consumer, for a few extra euros, will abandon sparkling wines and those produced with the same method as champagne, for the prestige of the real thing!

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