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Californian Wines for President Obama

Par Vitisphere Le 20 janvier 2009
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 Californian Wines for President Obama

Democrat Senator of California, Dianne Feinstein, is a well-known defender of the Californian wines interests; she is also in charge of the organization of the inaugural ceremony that will see Barack Obama officially become the 44th president of the USA, and of the lunch thereafter. She made it clear that she would make sure that the first wines to touch the President’s lips are from California. So, no Champagne, but a special inaugural cuvee from Korbel Champagne Cellars, in the Russian River Valley. The meal will be simple and two wines from Margaret Duckhorn, in St. Helena, will go with the first and second dish and that’s a Sauvignon blanc 2007 with the seafood stew and a Pinot noir 2005 with the pheasant, chicken and cherry chutney.
Dianne Feinstein declared that 2 million people had already visited the website of the committee she’s heading, 330 000 of whom had clicked to consult the menu and wine list. Barack Obama being a wine amateur should fuel wine consumption in the USA, said John Gillespie, Head of the Napa-based Wine Market Council, when commenting on the results of a study conducted by the WMC. Mr Gillespie announced the results of the study while confronting the image of wine and alcohol conveyed by Barack Obama’s private cellar of about 1000 bottles with the one induced by Georges W. Bush, "who quit drinking a decade ago”.

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