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Late harvest in Germany, but nothing to worry about

Par Vitisphere Le 28 octobre 2008
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Late harvest in Germany, but nothing to worry about

his year’s grape harvest in Germany will last at least until the beginning of November, as many late maturing grape varieties are still sitting on the vine. Vintners in the country are hoping for a few more warm and dry days to help the grapes achieve a good quality. Gerhard Hurst, of the Baden Wine Association, states that “the grapes have a good colour and that the acidity is very distinctive. This is the basis for a fruity wine.” In the wine growing area of Württemberg, vintners are also satisfied so far, as the grapes are very healthy and are fullfilling all expectations.
The grape sorts Müller-Thurgau and Bacchus will offer a fruity and refreshing vintage. Hermann Schmitt, of the Franconia Wine Association is pleased: “The early grape sorts show a palatable acidity. Still, about the late grapes like Silvaner, we cannot say anything yet, we will have to wait.”
There is no hurry to harvest in the Palatinate, even though the volume will be lower then last year’s, but the quality is satisfactory. The situation in the wine regions of Ahr, Saale-Unstrut, Middle Rhine, Hessische Bergstrasse and Saxony is similar, everything is still according to the timetable, expectation about the quality are good and no problems have risen so far. In the Moselle area, the wet and cold weather in September has belated the harvest and the quality is not expected to be as good as last year but will reach average market-friendly levels.

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