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A downturn in results for Jeanjean

Par Vitisphere Le 10 avril 2005
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A downturn in results for Jeanjean
004 was a painful year for Jeanjean. The Languedoc group registered a slight drop in sales (-1.7%, to 156 million euros), but it especially suffered a fall in net profit from 2.5 to 0.5 million euros. This downturn has been brought about by its services (bottling, printing/capsuling), amounting to 1.5 million euros. However, the company's losses would appear to have been minimised by its recovery package. If its wine business remained profitable (+2.2 million euros), sales were hampered by the difficulties affecting its American subsidiary, by the poor performance of Ogier and the drop in demand for vins de table, explains the group in a press release. However sales of Jeanjean's brands grew by 8.6% in volume. In 2005, Jeanjean is hoping that its services and its American venture will become viable activities and plans on further developing its brands and its line of boxed wine. It "intends on playing a federating role in the consolidation of the wine industry and to this end, is studying all solutions"… New acquisitions in perspective?
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