French female footballer Gaëtane Thiney creates her own brand of Champagne

Mercredi 18 novembre 2020 par Vitisphere

  “I have set myself a target of marketing 5,000 bottles to begin with”, says Gaëtane Thiney.
“I have set myself a target of marketing 5,000 bottles to begin with”, says Gaëtane Thiney. - crédit photo : DR

Gaëtane Thiney, captain of Paris FC (formerly FCF Juvisy), doesn’t just score points on the football pitch. With 163 selections under her belt for France’s female football team, she has just created her own brand of Champagne, ‘Dix-it Thiney’.

Gaëtane Thiney, why did you create your own brand of Champagne? What was the trigger?

Gaëtane Thiney: I've been considering it for a few years. I have a strong emotional attachment to my native Champagne. I have friends there and my brother and uncle. I went with my gut feeling, I met a lot of producers who had contacted me. On April 1st, right in the middle of lockdown, I made up my mind and we gave some thought to the brand name. There are a lot of real gems in Aube, which is a prime area for growing Champagne. I made the most of lockdown, when I trained for just an hour and a half a day, giving me time to understand how the industry works. Just like my football career, Champagne is the result of team effort.

What was your involvement in the brand launch? Who do you work with?

Through my contacts in Paris, I was able to find good quality partners. I set up a panel of tasting experts, because even though I am creating my own brand, I am not yet fully accustomed to all the requirements. I had my wines tasted by Paz Levinson, head sommelier of the Pic group, who praised their quality. Now I work with 4 winegrowers on 5 different, complementary labels. My partners were already producing them, but they will evolve in the future.


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