French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie: “The WTO ruling will allow us to redress the balance of power” set off-kilter by the Trump taxes

Mardi 17 novembre 2020 par Vitisphere

 “France is the world’s foremost wine country and as Minister of Agriculture and Food, this is a source of pride for me”, said Julien Denormandie.
“France is the world’s foremost wine country and as Minister of Agriculture and Food, this is a source of pride for me”, said Julien Denormandie. - crédit photo : DR

For over a year, the French wine industry has been calling for a compensation fund to offset American tariffs introduced in retaliation for European subsidies to Airbus. Are diplomatic negotiations the only way to leverage a settlement?

First of all, we need to react strongly to the unacceptable American tariffs, which is why France has fought to secure retaliatory measures. The WTO officially announced that the European Union was in turn authorised to impose tariffs amounting to nearly 4 billion dollars on American products, and the EU recently introduced them. The WTO ruling will enable us to redress the balance of power. Although we need to avoid the situation escalating, our response must be firm. Subsequently, the impact of the tariff barrier must be factored into the overall amount of aid that we provide.


The wine industry welcomes the decision by your ministry to prioritise the continuation of planting authorisations after 2030 and their extension until 2040, agreed by the European Council of Ministers. How are negotiations with the European Commission, which is said to take a very liberal approach to the issue, shaping up?

It was a major struggle in Luxembourg and we won. It is very important for me to provide visibility for the industry, which is why I made it one of my top priorities during the negotiations. France brought before the Council eleven Member States in support of the extension. I am pleased with the compromise secured at the Council of European Ministers in October, as well as the vote by the European Parliament. The fact that the entire industry rallied around the government to defend this priority with our European partners led to a successful conclusion. I will remain vigilant and ensure that the trilogue discussions due to start over the coming weeks will provide us with an ambitious and consolidated agreement between the European institutions on this issue”.




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William Woodruff Le 20 novembre 2020 à 18:25:51
For 23 years we have been honored to represent French family wines in the US. These tariffs, which are not at all related to an airplane dispute between Airbus and Boeing are deleterious and costly.
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