Crémants reach record highs

Mardi 05 février 2019 par Vitisphere

Crémants account for a quarter of Alsace wine production.
Crémants account for a quarter of Alsace wine production. - crédit photo : CIVA

In 2018, the production potential of the eight Crémant appellations should reach 107 million bottles. “These are still preliminary estimates, and will have to be confirmed”, warned Olivier Sohler, director of the national Crémant producers’ organisation (FNPEC). But even when the figures are taken with caution, the 2018 harvest should set a new production record and, more importantly, exceed the 100 million bottle mark. This was the objective set for... 2025, at the FNPEC’s AGM last April, versus current sales of 80 million bottles/year for the 8 sparkling wines. “Thanks to the climate, our wishes have rapidly materialised”, said a delighted Sohler, glad to see record production approaching without having to draw on reserve stocks, as has been the case in recent years.

All Crémant players will be able to get their fill, replenish inventories and no longer be hamstrung by the lack of fruit. As 2018 promises to be a good quality vintage in bottle, production of premium labels is likely to be ramped up, including the umbrella brands Émotion Brut in Alsace, Éminent/Grand Éminent in Burgundy and Prestige in the Loire Valley.


The top three Crémant producer regions are the same every year and 2018 is no exception. Spearheaded by Alsace, the trio also comprises Burgundy and the Loire Valley. Overall, every region is expecting significant increases in production, if only as a result of the small 2017 vintage. The repercussions of the frost, though, kept optimism in check.





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