Millésime Bio hopes to break the 6,000-visitor barrier

Mardi 22 janvier 2019 par Vitisphere

Millésime Bio hopes to break the 6,000-visitor barrier
- crédit photo : Millésime Bio

We intend to break the 6,000-visitor barrier”, announced Nicolas Richarme, chairman of the Millésime Bio committee. With 3,500 visitors registered in mid-January, the show is expecting an increase in attendance. Last year, the event clocked up 5,700 visitors (25% of them from overseas). It is true that exhibitor numbers have risen again, to 1,123 (+13%) and that floor space has also been extended to 21,000 m2 (compared to 17,000 m2 last year). A majority of the wines are French, with 40% of the French wine proposition represented, but exhibitors also come from 20 other countries including newcomers such as New Zealand and Lebanon.

Consumption is expected to increase by 13.3%/year

The vitality of the show mirrors the growing organic wine market. Booming sales will be the subject of a conference on January 28, where a five-year prospective study by the IWSR will be unveiled. Millésime Bio offered a preview of some of the figures on January 15th. French consumption is expected to reach 17.26 million cases in 2022, compared with 9.26 million in 2017. This is equivalent to a 13.3%/year rise in organic wine consumption in France, while conventional wines are expected to decline by 2.9%/year. In 2022, revenue is predicted to reach 1.61 billion euros, doubling its current level. In the light of these forecasts, “we must support producers' switch-over, particularly to help them maintain yields”, stressed Patrick Guiraud, chairman of SudVinBio, organisers of Millésime Bio.


In the centre, Patrick Guiraud, chairman of SudVinBio, calls for support for organic conversions.



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