The app that wine-loving parents will adore

Mardi 11 septembre 2018 par Vitisphere

The Ampelograf game offers an introduction to vine growing and wine.
The Ampelograf game offers an introduction to vine growing and wine. - crédit photo : Amplelograf

Launched in July 2018, the Ampelograf mobile app features Ludivine, a young girl who aims to become an ampelographer. The heroine guides the player through her village, where vine growing and winemaking set the tempo for village life. The game can be played in two modes: “visit” to go from house to house and “challenge” allowing the user to go from game to game in a conventional arcade style. Madame Noë is on hand to provide explanations, share her knowledge and complete the historical and technical allusions made during the game, which comes in either a free version or one costing 3.99 euros.

Downloadable on Android and iOS, Ampelograf’s graphic design features articulated characters created by illustrator and stop-motion animation specialist Olivier Merlin. Children, the game’s primary target, are sure to have fun travelling through this vinous world.

Will winegrowers follow suit?

The game will keep the kids busy during a short visit to a winery, enabling Mum and Dad to fully engage with the winegrower. Growers themselves may also get to like the game because Ampelograf offers scratch passports with a code to unlock the paid version. The passports are marketed by Ampelograf at a preferential rate allowing the winegrower to make a profit on the sale of the passport by retailing it for 3 euros - thus providing a small discount for passing wine tourists. “Winegrowers can also distribute them free of charge as a commercial gesture”, said Marie-Sabrina Bonnaffé, who launched the project.



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