Héraclès officially unveils its organic wine ‘temple’

Mardi 04 septembre 2018 par Vitisphere

The official opening of the organic wine ‘temple’ attracted a large audience.
The official opening of the organic wine ‘temple’ attracted a large audience. - crédit photo : Michèle Trévoux

Despite the fact that harvesting started some ten days ago, industry members flocked to the Héraclès winery on Wednesday 29 August, along with local politicians and civil servants, for the official opening ceremony of the new Vignerons de la Voie d'Héraclès winery. The facilities are spectacular both in terms of architectural design and the ingenious horseshoe layout and their innovative technologies.

Located on 3.5 hectares of land provided by Perrier owner Nestlé, the new winery has 130,000 hl of stainless steel vats, arranged in a semi-circular shape. The lay-out makes for a simplified and more comfortable working environment with less movement and handling and therefore fewer risks for staff. The site is equipped with innovative technologies to improve efficiency, quality and safety: tilting reception docks to make cleaning easier; a centrifugal decanter to continuously supply ready-to-ferment must; automated pneumatic punching of the cap; and tanks equipped with nozzles for the future installation of probes when a centralised technical management system (CTM) is fitted.

The project is also innovative for its eco-design: as the winery is entirely under cover, the roof surface can be fitted with photovoltaic panels. The building is cooled using free cooling through ventilation flaps on the building, and rainwater can be harvested for irrigation.

Committed to organic viticulture since 1994, the Héraclès winery is now the leading French producer of organic wines with an output of 45,000 hl a year including 15,000 hl of sulphur-free wines. The new facilities are designed to give Héraclès the resources it needs to move further down the organic track.





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