Loire wines reap rewards of extensive PR and marketing thrusts

Mardi 15 mai 2018 par Vitisphere
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InterLoire organises a whole raft of export thrusts to raise awareness of Loire wines.InterLoire organises a whole raft of export thrusts to raise awareness of Loire wines. - crédit photo : LydiaLeePhoto

The Loire Valley wine region, which exports a little over 20% of its production volumes, has seen its international revenue grow in recent years. Shipments increased by a further 3.6% in 2017, reaching “a record amount of €278 million”, says marketing board InterLoire. “We gained market share in value, but not in volume. We have had small harvests and we are short of wines. When we return to normal harvests, we will have to perform as well with export volumes”, explains InterLoire chairman Jean-Martin Dutour. In 2017, shipments of Loire wines fell by 2.4% to 482,500 hl, or 64 million bottles.

White Sancerre, Crémant de Loire, Muscadet, white Touraine and Vouvray are the most exported appellation wines alongside Anjou rosé.

The United States is proving to be the most buoyant market for Loire wines. Value sales jumped by 12% (€84 m) and volumes by 9.5% (116,000 hl) in 2017, as a result of extensive marketing and PR work. Over the past 5 years, InterLoire has organised Spring to Loire tasting sessions and seminars in several American cities curated by sommeliers and winegrowers for trade members. The marketing board is devoting more than €700,000 this year to the event and other PR and marketing activities in the American market.



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