Style is the name of the game

Mercredi 09 mai 2018 par Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

As Champagne wine growers prepare to launch their PR and marketing campaign and Crémants set some ambitious sales targets, the ultimate hipster choice among sparkling wines is turning out to be Pet’Nat’, AKA ‘pétillant naturel’ or natural sparkling wines. Yep, you heard it. The trendier wine bars and sommeliers have latched on to this previously small-time category in a bid to revamp their wine lists. Not only do they make the perfect quaffers, they also appeal to beer and soda drinkers and even have an ultra hip name. They fizz and pop on the tongue like chewing gum and they’re natural, right? Almost like organic wine – at least that’s the assumption consumers might come to. Their labels also break the mould when it comes to design and use exactly the right marketing cues to appeal to those who want to drink without feeling guilty. Some of them sport crown caps, just like good old beer. And the media has even likened them to Champagnes and Crémants. Pet’Nats are more happening though, and according to French daily ‘Le Monde’, they’re also made ‘with no additives’, though the article doesn’t elaborate on this point – maybe they don’t want to seem abstruse and launch into a explanation of what dosage is. Basically, Pet’Nat’ is borderline as cool as Spritz but without the Aperol-style chemicals. So for Champagne and Crémant, there’s only one option left – they need to tweak that style.


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