Fifth term for Thierry Coste as chair of European wine committee

Lundi 07 mai 2018 par Vitisphere

Thierry Coste began his first term as chairman of the Copa/Cogeca wine working party in 2010.
Thierry Coste began his first term as chairman of the Copa/Cogeca wine working party in 2010. - crédit photo : DR

Elected last April 18 as chairman of the Copa-Cogeca wine working party, Thierry Coste’s new two-year term will encompass negotiations for the future CAP, an issue on which the French co-operative wine grower has already launched the debate with his European colleagues. The very day he was elected, the meeting featured the proposals the group might make. “Many ideas have been submitted, some of them very interesting and promising. I have decided to create a website for sharing ideas so that we can continue to build upon proposals”, said a satisfied Thierry Coste who underscored his desire to see a new, innovative CMO for wine.


A progressive approach to the CMO


On the eve of Thierry Coste’s election, a civil dialogue group was held and helped to clarify the European Commission's plans for future wine policy before the official presentation at the end of May. “There will reportedly be national envelopes but not necessarily the same ones as today!" warned Coste. The Commission may want to redouble its efforts to allow the development of new vine varieties (including disease-resistant varieties) but also to explore the market for lower alcohol wines (the 9 to 10% ABV segment).


Could a revision of planting authorisations be on the cards?


Regarding management of production potential, Thierry Coste wondered whether the Commission intended to change the current system. At the request of certain countries or regions, the system could be adapted to accelerate the growth of vineyard acreage. The chairman of the Copa/Cogeca wine working party formally opposes this: “We must not go beyond maintaining the production system. Let us not forget that we removed 170,000 ha, at great expense, not so long ago!”.



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