Now available in red and white

Jeudi 01 mars 2018 par Vitisphere

Insolence is now available in white and red.
Insolence is now available in white and red.

We need to make it better known outside the region that Provence is also home to red and white wines”, said Philippe Brel, managing director of Estandon Vignerons. Although the company’s Heritage label is already available in the three colours, Insolence and Legend are for the first time being made available in red and white.

Cool reds

Launched in 2015, Insolence has now notched up sales of over 100,000 bottles and “has a bright future” ahead of it, stressed Philippe Brel. The red is supple and fruit-forward and needs to be served chilled. “It is a summer red. I'm struggling against the cultural barrier that says that a red wine cannot be served chilled”, added Brel.

Légende is a top-end offering and fits in with the ongoing trend towards premiumisation. The white version was made by the Correns co-operative winery and bought by Estandon as part of its annual auction. The red wine comes from selected vineyard sites and is aged for 18 months in barrels.



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