France’s North-South divide

Jeudi 15 février 2018 par Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

France’s North-South divide
- crédit photo : Creative Commons CC0

Whilst the North is awash with rainfall and dripping with dampness, the South basks in mild weather and sunshine. There is a definite North-South divide when it comes to the weather, and the impact of this on the morale of French winegrowers is clearly being felt. Those in the North are struggling to prune their vines, their boots full of water and even snow. Southerners, on the other hand, are praying for rain after a dry summer, a slightly damp autumn, and low rainfall during the winter. The North is hoping for sunshine with growers rushing out into the vineyards with the slightest ray of sun; the South is hoping for rain with growers rushing to the rain gauge as soon as the first drops fall. Obviously, everyone is wondering whether this kind of weather pattern will become a permanent feature of climate change. Some people think it will. One thing is for sure: these climatic changes are upsetting viticulture. And they are not about to stop.



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