French appellation wine crop down by 19%

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French appellation wine crop down by 19%
- crédit photo : Ordrupgaard Collection, Copenhague.

In 2017, France is expected to produce 36.8 million hectolitres of wine, according to the latest estimates by the statistics department of the Ministry of Agriculture. The department has once again revised its estimates downwards by 100,000 hl. The overall crop is down by 19% and is an all-time low, lower even than 1991, with widespread drought compounding the impact of spring frosts. France should produce 17.1 million hectolitres of appellation wines (-19% on 2016), 10.6 mhl of protected geographical indication wines (-17%), 6.8 mhl of base wines for brandy (-11%) and 2.3 mhl of wines without a geographical indication (-42%).


Burgundy and the Loire unscathed

The most significant appellation crop losses are in Jura (-61% compared with 2016 at 34,000 hl), Bordeaux (-39% at 3.6 mhl), Alsace (-27% at 856,000 hl), South-West France (-23% at 985,000 hl), Languedoc-Roussillon (-16% at 2.2 mhl), Champagne (-9% at 1.8 mhl) and Corsica (-9% at 78,000 hl).


The only wine regions that do not feature on this long list of decreases are Burgundy-Beaujolais and the Loire Valley, where production was up respectively by 6% (2 mhl) and 10% (1.9 mhl).


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