Four firms receive National Wine and Digital Awards

Vendredi 27 octobre 2017 par Vitisphere

Four firms receive National Wine and Digital Awards
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As part of the Montmartre harvest festival on October 16 in Paris, the recipients of the National Wine and Digital Awards were officially announced.

This year, four firms received the awards:

The prize for wine production awarded by Mediterranean wines: the Vintel solution marketed by ITK

This decision support tool helps wine growers manage their irrigation needs using an agricultural model developed by ITK with vineyard and meteorological data inputs. It does away with the need for water stress sensors in the vineyard itself.

Go 2 American Market award with two weeks training in the Napa Valley and the Silicon Valley: the Celsius engineering consultancy

Specialised in fluid and thermal mechanics for the wine industry, the engineering consultancy designs digital simulators capable of helping wine growers make the right choices. Amongst other information, it provides weather forecasts on a daily and yearly basis and defines zonal pesticide concentrations for individual properties.

The prize for wine production awarded by Terralia, the competitive cluster for plant industries: the company CiTF for its Alien robot.

With its articulated arms, Alien has the capacity to remove material other than grapes and green fruit from the crop using an optic recognition system. After successful implementation for the first time this year in several Bordeaux vineyards, it has already found a buyer in Bordeaux.

The prize for wine marketing: Hapiwine app

Hapiwine is a free smartphone app that has the ability to define our tastes. The principle is simple: when you like a wine, you scan the label on the bottle and score the wine. When the app has enough ratings on a range of wines, it then makes the user suggestions of wines likely to match his/her tastes. 


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