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Nomacorc’s plant-based closures highly successful

Lundi 09 octobre 2017 par Vitisphere

Nomacorc’s plant-based closures highly successful

Unveiled in 2016 with an initial output of 200 million stoppers, Nomacorc’s Green Line range is set to increase its sales five-fold in 2017 to 1 billion units. Posting what the firm says is the “strongest growth rate in the world”, this category of plant-based closures is called PlantCorc and made using non petrochemical raw materials. The closures, which are derived from Brazilian sugar cane, “are outstripping all other categories – including screwcaps and natural corks – in absolute growth terms”, said Dr Heino Freudenberg, CEO of the Vinventions group which bought Nomacorc in 2015, in a press statement.

One bottle in ten

Vinventions markets 2.5 billion closures a year, including synthetic corks, natural corks and glass stoppers. The PlantCorc range is likely to account for 75% of its sales in 2018. The new material is designed to gradually replace previous closures and next year’s sales are forecast to reach 2 billion units. Vinvention branded products* currently feature on one bottle in eight worldwide according to the group’s estimates and by 2018, PlantCorc could account for one in ten bottles.

The use of plant-derived materials has inspired other closure firms such as Diam, which released its Origine range using castor oil as a binding agent and beeswax to make the corks watertight, at the start of the year.

*Nomacorc, Syntek, Ohlinger, Vincap and Vinolok


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