Château Dauzac proud to go for vegan certification

Mardi 03 octobre 2017 par Vitisphere

Château Dauzac proud to go for vegan certification

Displaying vegan certification is not for commercial or mercantile purposes but part of a strategy that is respectful of the environment and the way animals are treated”, states Luc Fortin, managing director of Château Dauzac. The Margaux estate is the first of the 1855 classified growths to secure vegan certification and it claims that its main priority is being mindful of the community. “The great growths cannot rely solely on the 1855 classification, they must spearhead a response to wellness concerns amongst consumers”, explains Fortin, who stresses that the switch to plant-based fining agents “has no impact on production costs and above all, on the quality of the wines”.

Quality tests

Securing certification by Expertise Végane Europe (Eve) for all of its 2016 production involved swapping organic egg whites for plant-based fining agents. The process was launched in 2014 and entailed a series of tests with a dozen protein-based fining agents experimented at different strengths and compared with trials without fining agents. Experiments were conducted under the supervision of consultant winemaker Eric Boissenot and blind tastings revealed greater efficacy for pea protein fining agents where the wines developed more aroma and suppler tannins. “The overriding ambition was not to be vegan but to produce superior quality wines”, points out Philippe Roux, Château Dauzac’s technical manager who is tweaking the final selection process to find the ideal fining agent. 


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