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European wine companies support election of Spanish representative

Lundi 24 juillet 2017 par Vitisphere

European wine companies support election of Spanish representative

At its AGM on July 7, the CEEV, which represents European Wine Companies, voted in support of Pau Roca’s application to serve as managing director of the International Organisation of Vine & Wine. Although the election is not due to take place until July 2018*, the campaign to win support from the forty-six member countries of the intergovernmental organisation has already begun. Currently, only one other potential candidate has come forward, from New Zealand.

CEEV fully shares Pau Roca’s vision that the role of the OIV as a facilitator of international trade should be reinforced”, said Jean-Marie Barillère, CEEV chairman, in a statement. Questioned by Vitisphere, the Champagne negociant said he found Pau Roca’s determination to strengthen the private sector’s role in the organisation appealing. An electoral college with representatives from the corporate sector and the administration is under consideration. According to Barillère, this would open up new trade negotiation prospects and help remove non-tariff trade barriers similar to those in place in OIV member state Brazil.

25 years with the FEV

Pau Roca has been secretary general of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) since 1992 and is currently chairman of CEEV’s "Common Market Organisation Committee” and vice-chairman of the OIV "Sustainable development and climate change" working group.

Pau Roca’s candidacy marks a growing involvement by the Spanish wine industry in international wine organisations at a time when Emiliano Garcia-Page Sanchez, chairman of the Castilla La Mancha region has taken up the mantle as chair of the Assembly of European Wine Regions, AREV.

*The current managing director, France’s Jean-Marie Aurand, ends his term of office at the end of 2018. 


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