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10,000 hl with zero pesticides

Vendredi 30 juin 2017 par Vitisphere

10,000 hl with zero pesticides

For the past six years, our wine growers have stopped using anti-botrytis sprays and folpel. We thought it was about time we started telling people”, explains Michel Peyrilles, sales director for France at the Buzet co-operative winery. The co-operative decided to turn to the ‘Vin & Santé’ guide which recently introduced a ‘0% pesticide’ bottle sticker - eligible wines undergo tests for 85 active substances.  

Premium and standard

Buzet wine growers sent several samples totalling 10,000 hectolitres of wine to the publisher. “The wines are both premium labels like Baron d’Ardeuil and Baron d’Albert and standard batches of Buzet. All of them were below detection thresholds”, claims Michel Peyrilles. They were therefore all eligible for the bottle sticker which was unveiled by the co-operative at Vinexpo.

But before placing the stickers on bottles of wine due to be sold in super and hypermarkets, Buzet consulted its clients. Some of them, like Carrefour, were over the moon, whilst others were more cautious. Michel Peyrilles explains: “They say, does that mean there are pesticides in the other wines?” In other words, if bottle stickers are displayed on part of the range, they bring discredit to the rest.

41 wines of the same ilk

For the past three years, the Vin & Santé guide has offered the producers it selects the chance to have their wines analysed for pesticide residues. Up until now, successful candidates have publicised the accolade in the guide, but not on their wine bottles. The 2018 Vin & Santé guide is due to be released at the end of September and to date, has listed 41 wines with 0 pesticides. But wine growers can still present their wines and many are in the process of being judged and analysed.


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