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Grape pomace fuels buses

Samedi 20 mai 2017 par Vitisphere

Grape pomace fuels buses

On April 28, the chairman of the Gironde county council, Jean-Luc Gleyze went to the Raisinor plant in Coutras to describe tests conducted in Gironde in 2017 aimed at finding clean fuel for the area’s buses. Next June, the N°201 bus from Saint-André de Cubzac to Blaye will run not on basic diesel but on ED95.

Behind this obscure code name is a new generation bio fuel made mostly from wine residue. By-products from wine making have yet to make a big impact on the bio fuel market, mainly because of strong competition from other sources such as beet and rapeseed. But over the past few years, supplies such as these have been criticised for encroaching upon potential food sources. Wine residue therefore has a role to play and the bio fuel industry is viewed as a potential area for growth for distilleries whose traditional outlets have taken a pounding.

From an emissions perspective, ED95 offers an 85% reduction and a 50% decrease in nitrogen oxide compared with fossil diesel. Its price should be on a par with, or lower than diesel due to the tax benefits granted to bio fuels.

 [ Source: Vitisphere. Photo credit: DR ]


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