Noël Bougrier elected chairman of Anivin wine board

Mercredi 19 avril 2017 par Vitisphere

Noël Bougrier elected chairman of Anivin wine board

Loire Valley shipper Noël Bougrier has taken over the chairmanship of wine board Anivin, following on from a producers’ representative. The board has selected a staunch believer in the Vin de France category. As chairman of forerunner Anivit in 2007, Bougrier campaigned for the label to be entitled to use quality statements such as the vintage and the grape variety.

Ten years on, despite the fact that the Vin de France category has yet to make any major inroads, Bougrier has not changed his beliefs in the slightest. “I believe the category is the cornerstone of French wine segmentation”, he insisted. He remains realistic however: “I thought the category would reach between 10 and 15 million hectolitres in France. This didn’t happen”. He believes lack of interest is due to several years of small crops in France and a desire by producers of geographical indication wines to expand. “There has been a clash between Vins de France and PGI wines”.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Anivin


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