Gironde Verte: Teaching school children about the Bordeaux wine region

Mardi 30 août 2016 par Vitisphere

Gironde Verte: Teaching school children about the Bordeaux wine region
- crédit photo : GirondeVerte

An agreement signed in July between the local education authorities and the Bordeaux Wine Council CIVB paves the way for educational kits on the wine region – Gironde Verte – to be distributed in nursery schools. Designed to “strengthen and improve awareness of the Gironde wine growing world through targeted educational media”, the scheme provides complimentary teaching kits to teachers in Bordeaux elementary schools that apply for them.

The content of Gironde Verte has been managed since 2012 by Cap Sciences and gets support from the national educational authorities. For nursery schools, Cap Sciences is planning to deliver “a very large format book telling the story of a little grape pip which turns into a vine and then produces another grape pip. Each page recounts an event in the life of the plant and its various aspects”.

Four thousand current kits designed for primary school pupils have been distributed in schools and town halls across the department. In addition to school activities for exploring the wine industry in class, the educational tools encourage children to go out and meet members of the industry in person.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Gironde Verte ]


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