Gallo survey: French consumers more open to foreign wines than was thought

Lundi 01 août 2016 par Vitisphere

Gallo survey: French consumers more open to foreign wines than was thought

The world’s largest family-owned wine company has set the cat amongst the pigeons by stirring up stereotypes about the French wine consumer in its 2016 wine survey. It makes short shrift of the first cliché regarding the French’s unwavering attachment to their own wines. Although 36% of respondents in the survey did claim that they only drank French wine, 83% admitted that they have tried wines from around the world. “In fact 15% of them enjoy wines made outside France over once a week, a percentage that is even higher amongst AB+ groups and residents of the Paris area, over 20% of whom drink international wines weekly”, commented the survey.

The news will fan the flames sparked by reports of record high wine imports by France this year, particularly since the preferred origins are 68% from Italy and 49% from Spain. “But New World wines are increasingly appealing to wine lovers, with California ranking third (28%) followed by Chile (20%)”, said the US company.

Another noteworthy fact thrown up by the survey is that word of mouth is still the most widely used source of information amongst the French for wine: 58% of respondents refer to their friends and family for their choice of wine, a percentage rising to 64% for young people and women.


Source: Vitisphere; Illustration: Gallo


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