Millésime Bio leaves Montpellier: The show’s chairman explains why

Mardi 28 juin 2016 par Vitisphere

Millésime Bio leaves Montpellier: The show’s chairman explains why

We are frustrated, we feel as if we’ve been ousted!” The comment is by Patrick Guiraud, chairman of Millésime Bio, who was venting his anger following the show’s announcement that it was leaving Montpellier for Marseilles. The decision was a painful one for the Languedoc wine grower, who seemed despondent at the announcement. “We had never mentioned leaving Montpellier, the city that saw the show’s inception in a region with France’s highest production of organic wines. We have served our region and made Montpellier the capital of organic wines. Our departure in no way reflects what we are looking to develop”.

The show’s attachment to the region is such that Patrick Guiraud does not rule out returning to Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées in the future. “We are not ruling out anything at all!” he stated, explaining that Marseilles had been chosen not only because of its proximity to Languedoc but also because the city could offer the infrastructure needed to host the 900 companies attending Millésime Bio, whereas Toulouse did not have a suitable exhibition centre.

The organic wine industry continues to display uncompromising support for its show. “We are an association. For 25 years we have struggled to build an identity for ourselves. We cannot accept another event taking over our dates”. Vinisud had announced that it would be held in January and share two dates with Millésime Bio, a decision it reached unilaterally. “We suggested the organisers change dates to avoid any overlap, so that the two shows could run for a week altogether. We would have stayed if Vinisud had accepted this option”, points out Patrick Guiraud. So why did Vinisud turn down the proposal? Its organisers have refused to comment.


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