Sud de France reveals figures on Winehub activity

Mercredi 03 février 2016 par Vitisphere
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Sud de France reveals figures on Winehub activity

Two years after being launched, the Sud de France Winehub has reached out to 700 buyers and 400 regional companies. Developed by the Languedoc-Roussillon regional council, the tool is a year-round digital B2B platform bringing together Languedoc-Roussillon wine producers and national and international buyers. Regional wine producers can use the platform to present their portfolio, specifying availabilities for each label and their target markets. The buyers, whose solvency and professionalism are checked out beforehand by the team at Sud de France Développement, have access to this information and can put out calls for tender for the wines they are looking for.

In two years, the Winehub has registered 2,900 link-ups. The 60 calls for tender launched over the same period represent 1.2 million bottles worth 2.6 million euros. The Winehub is now a part of all Sud de France Développement events geared at prospecting new clients. At Vinisud, it allowed buyers to forego the use of a print catalogue. After tasting wines on the free-pour Sud de France stand, buyers could access information on the wines via the Winehub, including stand details so that they could meet producers.

The team at Sud de France Développement also announced the launch of the first Sud de France wine routes. The newly-launched tool completes the existing scheme aimed at promoting wine tourism in Languedoc-Roussillon. It enables wine loving holidaymakers to prepare their trip to the region. The website offers them various points of access, by locality, company, suggestion or excursions. Wine lovers can also book one of approximately thirty available excursions online and accommodation from a choice of 300 venues that are part of the Tourisme Sud de France scheme.


[ Source: Vitisphere; Photo: Sud de France ]


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