The 2015 vintage in Languedoc-Roussillon, told by those who made it

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The 2015 vintage in Languedoc-Roussillon, told by those who made it
The 2015 vintage in Languedoc-Roussillon, told by those who made it

Who better to convey and explain a vintage still in the makings than those who witnessed its inception in the vineyard? This is the basic tenet behind Millésime Languedoc, a website that allows negociants, key influencers, distributors and ultimately consumers, to form an opinion on 2015 wines based on testimonials by the people who made them. Call it a polyphony or a patchwork, the forum gives a true sense of the range of Languedoc appellation and regional wines available, according to the Languedoc wine marketing board (CIVL) behind the initiative.

The quantity of a harvest may be measurable – 13.6 million hectolitres according to the most recent estimates – but quality is a more subjective and variable concept. Tastings of initial batches reveal that the potential is there. “The whites are brimming with freshness and fruit. They display an explosion of aromas, ranging from citrus fruit to honey and passion fruit, to name a few. The reds sport a lovely brilliant ruby hue, an excellent aromatic dimension and round, tightly-wound tannins”, commented negociant Claude Vialade of Domaines Auriol in Lézignan-Corbières.

These promising results were anything but predictable after a hot, dry summer followed by torrential rain which led to a major reshuffle of harvest dates. “Nature held many surprises for us this year and threw a range of situations requiring good vineyard management skills at us: a heat wave, hail, violent storms and a series of damp maritime winds…” listed Gérard Bertrand, owner of Château l’Hospitalet and 6,000 hectares of vines across Languedoc-Roussillon. Satisfied by the technical choices he made this year, he is now looking forward to “the promise of one of the finest vintages in Languedoc for the past fifty years”. Cathy Do, of Domaine Campaucels in Montagnac, is similarly satisfied. She sums up: “It was harrowing but ultimately we have ended up with a very vibrant vintage bursting with southern cheer!”

Launched in 2013, the community e-platform Millésime Languedoc is backed by the Languedoc wine marketing board and Sud de France; it was developed by web designers at Vitisphere. 


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo: A glimpse of the Millésime Languedoc 2015 website]


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